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Ambitious Expats Entrepreneurs

We’re a community of accomplished expats entrepreneurs with big ambitions

Our community is made up of successful entrepreneurs who are still yet to reach their ultimate ambitions.

We believe in business as a force for good

Our community believes in the power of the entrepreneur and your ability to impact the world in a positive way. We believe that business plays an important role in creating a better world and are on a mission to unite leaders who share this belief.

We believe in results

Smart puts you at the centre of a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs – where you’ll adventure, get exclusive access to business “gurus”, generate fortune-building opportunities…. have fun and learn to live more in flow.


Embrace and create change in your life.

Passion should mark everything you do.

Don’t mimic others. Uniqueness is the value of our existence.

  • We promise you will experience a family like culture that creates a strong sense of belonging.
  • You will never struggle for motivation or enthusiasm again.
  • You will have fun and learn to live more in flow.
  • We promise you will receive an industry leading service.

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Our Team

SMART is made up of a team of expats who’ve been working and living abroad for a good portion of their lives. Each team member has his or her own reason for becoming an expat, whether it was to start a business, retire, work as a digital nomad, or follow family members into a new country.

Team SMART is a passionate and ambitious team of expats who are dedicated to building a business that positively impacts the lives of expats entrepreneurs and business owners. We value a family culture above all else and will always ensure that you feel a great sense of belonging and support.


Sometimes, making it big is all about following the fun.

There’s no denying living and working abroad can be a challenge. There’s always paperwork – a lot of paperwork – communication barriers and different business customs to become acquainted with.

On top of this, many expats have started families which can ultimately result in one half a couple becoming a stay at home parent and struggling to find their way with their new lives abroad.

Whatever the background, and despite challenges, if you have a dream, dream big. Don’t just talk about what you could and should do with your new life abroad, find a way to make it happen.


A successful business is not a set of answers—it’s a way of understanding the world.

From one expat business leader to another, I understand how difficult it can be to enjoy success in all areas of life simultaneously. I have personally experienced ‘having it all’.. only to find that I still felt empty and like I was holding the weight of the world, with the many responsibilities that this 'success' brought.

Being an accountant and a coach doesn’t seem like an obvious combination for many, but for me, they go hand in hand.

In 2015 after working in a growing accounting practice for 7 years, I decided to open my own accounting practice helping entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses; I am obsessed with our practice and I love our clients so so much.

Naturally, I started coaching my clients and I realised that I have a passion for teaching business owners how to build a life they love while making an income they deserve! This was the beginning of what is now Smart Accounting & Business Services.


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Learn how to lead with impact!

SMART represents your opportunity to dream bigger, and to have the comradery and support essential to achieve those dreams. A personal invitation to invest in yourself, be extraordinary, and create a life you love.


Do you want to grow with consistency and control?
And do so without working more hours?

We do more than just help businesses get ahead.