We Are The Elite Accounting & Coaching House.

Supporting You In Your Business Growth.

"We help  business owners live their lives with more freedom, and liberate their time and energy for what’s most important in life – by introducing them to revolutionary financial freedom through our signature  4 S B.O.O.M. method™.

People - centred

We put people at the centre of our company. This means that we are seeing the human being behind the business.

Sustainably - run

We are Supporting Sustainability and Green Environment.

We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That's why we're thrilled to share that we're partnering with OneTreePlanted to plant a tree for every new client.

Collaboration and Innovation 

We believe that collaboration with our clients has the power to spark innovation in our business.

Passion and Intelligence

We believe in Business intelligence solutions and software that give companies the freedom to improve all parts of a business.

The backbone of our brand will always be our values.

  • It is important that we build a SMART business.
  • We believe in doing the right thing really well, and, above all, in good time.
  • We help you can get paid to do what you love to do and what gives you meaning.

You've built your BUSINESS into a success.

Now take it further with SMART!


We create leaders!

We are on a mission to help millions of business owners to change their lives through entrepreneurship.

We are committed to exceeding our client expectations and passionate about being a part of their success story.


Our vision is to:  

  • Be the trusted and respected advisory firm for innovative and practical business solutions. 
  • To be the strength when you are finding yours.

I understand exactly where my clients are coming from 

Because I’ve been in their shoes!

History of SMART

I can't say I always wanted to be an accountant, in fact when I was 24 years old I started my first clothing company. I managed to grow the business to have over 20 employees. It wasn't easy. But the hardest part was finding a reliable accountant who could really help my business reach its potential.  

I felt like my business was just another job for them, so, I decided to become the accountant I wanted to find. 

After years of work, hundreds of customers, and countless failures and successes later… 

We’ve now got it down to a science to help ambitious entrepreneurs scale the RIGHT way.

Comprehensive, Personalized Accounting & Coaching Solutions

Backed by 15 years of experience in the world of finance and accounting, Smart Accounting & Business Services gives you access to a team of professionals with industry-recognized  qualifications and certifications. 

We bring local knowledge from real accountants, financial advisors and business experts who work in the local markets.

We take pride in being small enough to care about every client while being big enough to deliver exceptional, innovative results.

Have you invested in other accounting services  before… only to be disappointed? So have we. So we created the results-driven, hands-on solution to guarantee results.

There Has To Be A Better, Simpler Way To Run And Grow A Successful Business.

Most Accounting Practices

  • One-Size-Fits All
  • Focus On Tactics & Short-Term
  • Give You Lots of Ideas & Stuff To Do
  • Will outsource your projects

Smart Accounting & Business Services

  • Our unique business transformation 4S B.O.O.M. Method™ to take your firm from side hustle to sold out
  • Focus On Consistent, Repeatable Growth
  • SIMPLIFYING & Freeing Up Lots of Time!
  • Only SMART Team

You CAN have “it all.”

The time freedom

The big income

The growth

And LIFE you dream of!

It Starts With a Dynamic Team 

We're strategic | We're Creative | We're Solution - driven

We help you solve pressing business issues, like: “how will we grow,” and “where are we losing money?”

Kartee M International Limited | Tee R Munusamy CEO

Take Your Business From Side Hustle to Sold Out with Our Signature 4S B.O.O.M. Method™

One of our most important goals is to help you achieve your financial vision for the future - whether that is retiring early and travel extensively or just having enough money to fund your emergency savings. 

Using our signature 4S B.O.O.M Method™, we help our clients in two ways primarily - coaching them to create a profitable six figure business and accountancy support. 


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