Hey there! Get ready for a wild ride as I take you through my exhilarating journey from a small Romanian town to becoming the go-to guru for expat entrepreneurs. And trust me, it’s been quite a thrilling adventure!

Picture this: It’s 1981, and I burst onto the scene in that tiny town, ready to take on the world. Fast forward to 2004, and I strutted across the stage of the Economic University, graduating with high honors. Boom! But that was just the beginning.

In the ultimate whirlwind romance, I got hitched in 2004 (cue the confetti!). And like all power couples, my partner and I decided to start a clothing company in 2005. Where did we set up our biz, you ask? Oh, just the cozy confines of our parents’ home. Yep, we were the epitome of small-scale entrepreneurship.

Now, let’s fast forward a bit. It was a rollercoaster ride, my friends. We broke even within a year, and then the real adventure began. By 2007, our business grew like crazy, blossoming into a 16-strong squad. We even expanded to a second shop! It was a moment of victory, triumph, and high-fives all around. 💪

But life had a different story in store for us. In 2012, we decided to shake things up and packed our bags for the UK. Oh, the challenges we faced as expats! From battling bouts of homesickness to deciphering the strange ways of tea and biscuits, it was a journey of epic proportions. And let’s not forget the classic expat combo: depression, missing friends, and all the fun stuff. 😅

Amidst the chaos, a new chapter was born. In 2014, we welcomed our little bundle of joy into the world. Parenthood opened my eyes to a whole new level of craziness and made me realize what truly mattered—my incredible husband and our adorable munchkin.

Harnessing my love for numbers and coaching, I decided to combine the best of both worlds. Drumroll, please! In 2015, our accounting practice sprang to life, serving fellow expat entrepreneurs like a superhero of spreadsheets and a guru of growth. 💥

But hey, life’s not all about crunching numbers and strategizing business brilliance. It’s about embracing the joy, laughter, and those spontaneous dance parties in the office (yes, they happen!). My family brings me endless inspiration, reminding me to chase my dreams, make a difference, and treasure every second.

If you’re an expat entrepreneur seeking a bit of accounting awesomeness or business growth support, look no further. I’m your go-to gal, ready to rock your world and bring the fun back into finance.

Buckle up, because together, we’re about to embark on an adventure that’ll make your entrepreneurial dreams come alive. Let’s crush it! 🚀


✨Shaking up the accounting profession ✨Business coach ✨Book Author ✨ Multi business-owning mom & wife.

I love to make business fun & have a passion for teaching my clients how to build a life they love while making an income they deserve!

Madeleine Salariu