Meet Our Smart Team

Most people think of accounting as something rigid and to the point involving only a number game. 

We do understand that it is a serious affair, but we make it friendly, flexible and personable for you. As your trusted partner, we make your business much more efficient, finances easily manageable and profitable while your life becomes stress-free, financially secure and enjoyable.

At our three offices, there are three partners backed by a team of intelligent professionals. 

We work tirelessly to save your money, accelerate your business growth and reduce your tax burden.

when you hire us—you get us. guaranteed. we don't outsource.


accountant and business coach 

What distinguishes Madeleine’s career from any other is her passion for the personal connection between herself and her clients.

Since her first accounting experiences – when she discovered lasting relationships and positive connections were sorely lacking in the accounting industry, she has been on a mission to shake up the traditional approach by going beyond just “balancing the books.”

For more than 16 years, she has committed herself to providing top tier accounting services on a personalized level.

Now, her work with the masterminds behind Smart Accounting has allowed her philosophy of deep connections and need-based accounting to reach and connect with more individuals than ever before...and the team she has assembled is just getting started.



Nazir Variawa

An invaluable leader of the team, Nazir brings delightful enthusiasm and a rigorous work ethic to his role.

A dedicated and qualified finance executive with over 15 years of experience in management accounting, Nazir is also well-versed in financial reporting and control; strategic growth and planning; and all aspects of bookkeeping services.

Nazir is passionate about nurturing his interpersonal relationships with co-workers and clients alike, and he gets his drive and enthusiasm by trying to make finance easy and understandable.

Nazir brings high-quality results and an attitude that’s always working to make a difference.

HR Services

Farhana Mia - Variawa

A CIPD qualified human resource professional with a profound knowledge of HR, leadership, coaching and development, Farhana unites and inspires the team in countless ways every day.

Farhana is often required to make decisions and recommendations that guide the company through specific important internal and external situations.

 She has a keen and tactful ability to influence managers to change their thinking and bring good practices to small, medium and large organisations.

Whatever the task is at hand, Farhana always keeps things in context and the priorities of the business at the forefront of her decisions.


Elena Axinte

Working in the latest accounting software, she oversees the bookkeeping and health checks for small clients and start-ups. (Yes, even businesses need health checks!)

Elena strives to make company operations smoother by setting up client accounts and training junior accountants.

Her co-workers and clients say she is a calm presence and a fast learner.

She’s not only talented at explaining accounting software in a language that clients can understand, but she finds pure joy in numbers. She offers a big smile, a patient demeanour, and a drive to learn new skills. 


Aileen Bernardo

Aileen has 20 years of experience in the accounting world within many different industries. Her accounting expertise consistently and effectively enhances the company’s purpose and profitability. Skilled in every accounting phase, Aileen oversees bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, taxes, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. With vast experience in accounting software, she truly enjoys finding new solutions when inevitable wrinkles arise.

There is never a dull moment when it comes to accounting, and Rossel meets challenges with excited interest and an open mind.

Pressure can often lead to stress, but Aileen has lots of healthy outlets for fun.


Veronika Cvirikova

Veronika does her best to find ways that suits to each business the best, by using her expertise to help businesses assess overall performance for a successful future.

With her knowledge and problem-solving abilities, you can be sure that you’re a step closer to realizing your goals.

She also believes that every individual is unique and deserves a unique service.

When not crunching numbers, you will find her exercising on a pole, practicing a boxing or taking yet another hiking adventure.


John Kavanagh

John has 35 years of experience in nearly all aspects of UK and international tax, advising a wide range of clients from private individuals, owner managed businesses, publicly owned groups, trustees and executors and a Fortune 100 bank.

 John worked initially for HMRC and then spent 7 years with Deloitte, where he qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser.

As well as being a Chartered Tax Adviser, John is also a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians and has also been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Business Development Manager

Primethie Pillay

Her exemplary planning and implementation capabilities make her exceptional at both internal and external communications.

Working with people from different parts of the globe, Prim is committed to deliver the highest standard of service by aligning business objectives with comprehensive administrative and sales knowledge.


Grace Calleja

Grace Being is a certified mindset coach providing people with tools and intuitive guidance to help them overcome self-limitations and free themselves from their minds. In her practice, she combines positive psychology and mindset modality techniques to help people shift to a positive mindset and create a life that they love.


Nick Gemenetzidis

An experienced senior technology and business strategy leader with 15 years of commercial experience.

 Recognised as an effective leader and communicator as a result of leading large-scale projects in very complex multi-geographical environments which helped to develop business acumen and acquire broad technology knowledge.

 Has a strong ability to coordinate cross-functional teams and act effectively both at a strategic and tactical level. Set up a start-up company from scratch and successfully translated the concept from paper into a trading product. Secured funding from Angel Investors and led the whole effort effectively.

Business coach Director

Alexandre Niederauer Azevedo

Graduated in Business Administration, with a specialization course in Controlling and Finance, Alexandre worked most of the 15+ years of his career in the corporate environment.

He dedicates himself to studying and experiencing the start-up environment, as well as, helping early stage entrepreneurs on understanding start-up mindset and dynamics. His purpose is to make a difference on leveraging relevant start-up initiatives, in order to bring powerful innovation to our society.


Rakesh Chaudhary

Smart’s Business Systems Analyst, Rakesh not only supports the firm in management of internal business system processes and automation but also provides support to our valuable clients to help them save money and time.

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