The Client of the Year award

We believe that the secret to great work is great partnerships. So, having won our fair share of awards for doing great work in recent years, we thought it was time to pay tribute to the partners who made it possible – our clients.

The Client of the Year award is our way to celebrate these clients and recognise their hard work throughout the year. With so many great partners it was incredibly difficult to choose just one winner.

And the winner is… drum roll please:

Joe James - CEO

The Dice Guys started by accident when the owner fell short on Christmas gift ideas for his then fiancé, now wife. He combined her love for board games with his love for creating and built her a one of a kind, personalised “Charl-opoly”.

Fast forward 5 years, they have sold over 3000 games and have just opened their first production studio in London. They have now expanding into creating original games for corporate clients and launching new variations of their best sellers every month.

When you’re a Client Of The Year,
we get you—and you get rewarded for it.

  • Special sales and sneak peeks.
    Remember, you’ve got priority status.
  • From exceptional events to personal touches,
    we make you feel extraordinary
  • Exclusives
  • Extraordinary experiences. Exclusive events.
  • Open a gift from us

" THANK YOU for being our valued customer.

Your support, and trust in us are much appreciated.  "

Madeleine Salariu


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