Are You Unhappy With Your Current Accountant or Accounting Firm?

There are instances when you are not happy with your current accounting firm or accountant. They may not be able to understand your business or not offering the kind of services that you need to uplift your business. Choosing the wrong partner to meet your accounting needs actually do more harm to your business than good.

If you are stuck with the wrong accountant or accounting firm, don’t continue to bear loses. Switch to the Smart Accounting & Financial Services who spend time to understand your business and gives you the service level that your business needs.

With our team of dedicated and passionate accountants and business coaches , we offer exceptional support and business solutions, which enables you to focus on your business growth without worrying about financial and administrative aspects.




Happy customers


5 star reviews


Great service, always on top of any question raised and very professional service. In addition very competitive price. The service provided helped me save money in taxes I would have paid without Madeleine's advices. Definitively recommend.

Elio Manca



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Profit with Smart


Why Switch To Smart Accounting & Financial Services?

Switching to Smart Accounting & Financial Services is a decision that can make a whole lot of difference in taking your business to the next level. 

We not only work as smart accountants but your partner in growing your business. This is why choosing Smart Accounting & Financial Services is your move in the right direction.

Our 15 years’ of experience in supporting businesses achieve their full potential
We treat our clients’ challenges as our own
Access to our awesome App that’s packed full of useful tools, features and important information
We will use our unique business transformation 4S B.O.O.M. Method™ to take your firm from side hustle to sold out


  • Have a profitable business that doesn't 100% rely on you, and you get to work on what you love doing.
  • Understand your numbers. Keep more of your money.
  • Have more time for your family.
  • You’re financially free. 

Andrei Stoica CEO


Becoming a Client


The first meeting

Once you get in touch with us, we schedule a meeting with you to understand your business, its goals and needs. Based on our discussion, we determine which services are beneficial for your business and develop a personalised package at an affordable monthly fee.


Free Quotation and Proposal

After we have discussed and documented your business requirements and goals, we provide you with a free service quote and proposal document to start our partnership on the way to success.


Engaging with Smart

When you go through the proposal and agree to the fee, we send you a 'letter of engagement'. It has all the details of our partnership, services we undertake on your behalf and expenses for handling your business affairs. You need to sign this agreement to start taking benefit of our services.


Dedicated Partner for Your Business

As we say that we offer personalised services while working as your partner, we provide a dedicated Smart Partner who remains your principal contact point. Moreover, there are managers and assistants to support your business.


In the last few years of working together, I’ve constantly been impressed with the changes they’ve recommended to my finances and the savings I’ve made. I can’t believe I wasn’t doing them before! I’ve been able to use this extra money to really develop the business and concentrate on the sustainable side of things.

Tee R Munusamy



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Profit with Smart


The People Who Make Smart Accounting "Tick"

We help you solve pressing business issues, like: “how will we grow,” and “where are we losing money?”


Smart Accounting advise us on all aspects of our accounts and are so detailed. They’ve helped us to stop paying unnecessarily high tax – a large amount of money which we can now reinvest in machinery and the future of the business. They’ve also helped to free up a lot of my time, which before was spent trying to understand the numbers. I can now spend that time on marketing and getting new clients.

Diana Postolati

/ MD


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Savings with Smart


Are you Unhappy With Your Current Accountant?

If you are stuck with the wrong accountant or accounting firm, don’t continue to bear loses. 

Switch to the Smart Accounting & Finance Services who spend time to understand your business and gives you the service level that your business needs.