Pensions Plans And Retirement Plans Are Not Being Offered Or Are Being Taken Away In The Corporate World.

One of the perks being removed from the corporate world is retirement plans as some companies find they can no longer afford to fund them. As executives grow older and their pay plan increases, the amount of money promised to be placed into a pension plan grows along with it. As companies seek ways to reduce expenses this is one of the methods being used.

Some companies will continue to maintain a 401K account for the worker, for instance, but will no longer provide a company contribution. With different industrial sectors having different levels of success, many executives simply accept this change, noting they are thankful to still have their job and paycheck. Even under contracted managers several have been forced to renegotiate their contract and lose the retirement plan benefits in exchange for keeping their job.

Executives may start to rethink their dedication to their employer and one of the options available to them is a home based business. Franchising may being to look attractive as they weigh the loss of their pension plan compared to the risk of opening a franchised business. They may also test the waters by sending their resumes out to other companies that may offer the option of telecommuting.

Working at home can be attractive to some, but others with additional home responsibilities may need the work environment to be productive and lack the appropriate space in their home. Working from home, on the other hand, gives them the opportunity to be more independent in accepting contract positions or a spot at another company that offers telecommuting as an alternative.

Network marketing is a solution many middle managers can investigate as their experience in the business world can help them succeed. Making the adjustment from traditional marketing efforts to networking on the internet can be an easy transition as working a home business may provide the necessary time to learn this new technique.

Becoming a consultant offers numerous job opportunities, especially for a home business and can replace high income careers once the loss of pension plans have been figured into the mix. Additionally, working a home based business can potentially provide the income necessary to make contributions into a private retirement plan. Since the employer contribution was discontinued at the old position, they will not lose additional funding since they were funding their own plan anyhow.

Offering experienced services in success coaching and leadership training, former executives can leave the stress and non-compensatory work for others who may lack the initiative or dedication to thrive in a home based business opportunity. It will take discipline to develop high income jobs on their own, but the opportunities are endless for an experienced professional.

With most pension plans, any contribution made by the employee or employer will become owned by the employee when they leave the company and to avoid any tax penalties most are transferred into private retirement plans which the individual can continue to make annual contributions. The cap on the tax benefits for retirement plan contributions remains the same regardless of how it is funded and if the new business opportunity is lucrative, the maximum contribution can still be made.

Some privately funding pension plans can also include investments in the stock market or other businesses that qualify under Internal Revenue Service Rules, allowing the fund to eventually become self-funded, provided the right investment can be made.

For those who believe their only parachute into retirement will be retirement plans funding by their employer, may find themselves struggling in later years. This struggle however, can be reduced by looking at a business opportunity as a chance to take control over their retirement future and fund their own pension plans.


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