Getting Serious About Network Marketing

Network marketing is a business model that has very similar characteristics to franchising. However the advantage that it has over traditional franchising includes a low cost of entry and high potential revenue possibilities.
What types of people are attracted to a network marketing opportunity? Generally the types of people who are attracted to network marketing are unhappy in their careers and have generally not received the levels of success that they expected. They look upon working as being hard and involving long hours. They are also unhappy with their income and what the future holds for them. They have little or no experience of owning their own business and would not have the capital to invest in starting up and running their own business. Often they have no direct experience of sales or of business development.
Therefore when they start up their network marketing career the often make a series of errors. They attempt to use social settings to sell their products and while doing that try to oversell. Often they are inaccurate in their statements. This results in an air of desperation and lack of trust. The focus is purely on acquiring new customers instead of developing and maintaining existing ones.
Making a move towards network marketing should be viewed as if you are just as starting up your own small business. Therefore you must be prepared to develop expertise in all aspects of running a small business. A serious commitment is needed with regards to educating yourself on sales and marketing techniques, networking skills, financial planning, time management etc.
The processes should also be in place to run your business. Your home office, your communication channels, how you market yourself, your selling techniques, how you control your finances, etc., will all add up to how successful you will be. As you are working for yourself you will need to develop the motivational skills and determination to succeed. This can be helped by participating in a network or community.
Once these business skills are in place then you will be viewed as an expert in your field. This will help to build your reputation and levels of trust. People will view you as a serious business owner with a developing reputation for quality. And within the business world a good reputation develops trust, confidence and repurchase.


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