Take your firm side hustle to sold out with our signature business & life transformation

4S B.O.O.M. Method™

Creating exceptional results becomes simpler when you have the right structure. To ensure that all of our clients achieve results quickly and well we use Smart’s unique method.

How I Discovered This Perfect Method

Hi, I’m Madeleine Salariu, and I am a business owner just like you. I wanted it all. I wanted growth and freedom.  But I found myself: 

  • Working 80+ hours / week
  • Stressed out, frustrated, and not growing

I saw others around me succeeding and growing. They made it look easy. So I figured:

There Has To Be A Better, Simpler Way To Run And Grow A Successful Business.

So... I went on a journey to find the answer. After years of work, hundreds of customers, and countless failures and successes later…

We’ve now got it down to a science to help ambitious entrepreneurs scale the RIGHT way.

 B.O.O.M. System™



One of the fundamental building blocks of a revolutionary brand is a clear definition of what you offer, what you stand for & how you envision your brand growing. Achieving clarity is the most important step on your journey from taking your brand from bland to booming.

Smart Accounting will help you to:

  • Connect with your target audience by letting them in on the value that you offer & the fundamental principles that make your brand tick.
  • Inspire your team to reach new heights with a comprehensive picture of how you work, where you’re headed & what’s most important to you. 
  • Shape your business as you grow, guide you towards your goals & keep you on the fast-track to success.

Awe-inspiring 'Power Statements' will keep you and your team confidently focused on what is at the heart of your brand & will help you to stand heads & shoulders above the crowd. 

You only have one chance to make a first impression - make it count!



Your business objectives are the results you hope to achieve as you run and grow your business. As an entrepreneur, you are concerned with every aspect of your business and need to have clear goals in mind for your company if you are to stay on track. Having a comprehensive list of business objectives creates the guidelines that become the foundation for your business planning.

Smart Accounting will help you with:

  • Getting and staying Profitable
  • Productivity of People and Resources
  • Excellent customer service
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Maintaining a Healthy Cash Flow
  • Dealing with Change
  • Reaching the Right Customers
  • Staying Ahead of the Competition
  • Employee Attraction and Retention



Stop trying to figure it all out yourself, and get the hands-on guidance and support to scale the RIGHT way.

Get Free From Working “In” The Business…and Start Scaling Faster than Ever!

We work with you to help make it happen:

  • Performing bookkeeping, reconciliations, journals and other close period activities
  • Perform your payroll function for you
  • Prepare your quarterly VAT computations
  • Prepare your financial statements
  • Develop your bespoke strategy through workshop facilitation
  • Finance process optimisation
  • Optimize your Strategies & Processes
  • Turn your operations & Team into a machine
  • Start Scaling faster



Master every area of your business. When it comes to running a successful business, the right mindset can be just as important as hitting sales objectives or producing sustainable business models.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't - you're right." Henry Ford

Smart Accounting will help you with:

  • Confronting self-doubt
  • Accountability
  • How to improve your Business
  • Time Management and Productivity Tips
  • Success Mindset
  • How to think long term & win over time
  • Entrepreneurship Mindset

 4S System

From the moment you make the decision to set up a business, you’re in the “business lifecycle” :

  • Start-up
  • Scaling Up
  • Stable
  • Succession

Whichever stage of business growth you’re in, knowing where you are can help with your company’s strategic planning and long-term success. 

Whether you’re a new or mature business, don’t get too comfortable.

Smart Accounting will support you every step of the way. 

Start Scaling Faster Than Ever!

Who is 4S B.O.O.M. Method™ for?

Our Co-Founder, Madeleine Salariu often talks about how great it would have been to know all this information when she got started. You’ll get the tools to fill your books with solid clients who appreciate you, your skills, and pay on time.

Our Unique Method is for you if:

You’re just starting out with a handful of clients, or thinking of starting a business

 You’ll get the tools to fill your books with solid clients who appreciate you, your skills, and pay on time.

Your client list is full and you’re working evenings and weekends to the point of burnout

We often get people coming along who are in the same place Madeleine was when she started working with Nazir. Lots of agencies have plenty of business, but don’t have their business structured properly. And even though they’re flat out, they aren’t making the money they should be making. You’ll get what you need to give yourself an immediate pay raise in your own agency and then discover how to build an effective team.

You’re hiring, or you’ve already got your team

The system gives you the tools to set up your business so it’s more profitable sooner, and give you what you need to be successful, faster.

You’re already running a successful agency

Our unique method  will help you improve how your team completes the work and how to recruit additional capable employees.

Who Should NOT Purchase This Method?

The 4S B.O.O.M. Method™ isn't for everyone. Here are a couple of examples: 

You expect the Method to work like magic, without any work

While the Method does contain many fast-action strategies that can make a difference quickly, reaching your goals will take up to 6 months. If you expect everything to happen 'yesterday' please don’t sign up, this is not the Method for you.

You expect the Method to explode your business 'overnight'

While the Method does contain many fast-action strategies that can make a difference quickly, reaching your goals will take up to 6 months. If you expect everything to happen 'yesterday' please don’t sign up, this is not the Method for you.

Imagine 12 Months from Now You...

  • Have a profitable business that doesn't 100% rely on you, and you get to work on what you love doing. 
  • Understand your numbers. Keep more of your money.
  • Have more time for your family. 
  • You’re financially free.

We help business meet their financial gaols and plan for their future with confidence.


We do more than just help businesses get ahead.